Will of Fortune

Will of Fortune

College students in Singapore created a card game that aims to dispel taboos around end-of-life planning.

Players are forced to make decisions related to insurance, estate planning, funeral arrangements, and more.

With one in four Singaporeans set to be over 65 years old by 2030, proactive death planning will only become more critical.

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South African gin company Inverroche has designed wooden packaging that doubles as a hotel for solitary bees.

Bees are essential to the gin-making process, giving Inverroche a clear incentive for saving the species.

Beyond just using sustainable materials, brands can use their packaging to actively boost biodiversity.

Edge: Rewild Resilience

Cancer Check Tags

Tags on bras and underwear sold at Morrisons will now include information around potential cancer symptoms.

The NHS-approved tags are meant to help people identify early signs of breast and testicular cancer.

Simple everyday medical reminders can save lives—proving that health monitoring can happen outside of the doctor’s office. 

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