Fitness company WHOOP is partnering with OpenAI to create a hyper-personalized health and fitness coach.

By tapping into biometric data, the coach can create custom recipes and training plans, as well as answer questions like “Am I about to get sick?”

Wearables are becoming more like personal trainers and nutritionists, offering personalized tips in exchange for our biometric data.

Edge: Health Hedonism

Influencer Education

Southeast Technical University in Carlow, Ireland is offering the country’s first degree in social media influencing.

The degree—launching September 2024—will cover business skills, content editing, critical cultural studies, and creative writing.

With content creation topping the list of Gen Z’s career ambitions, universities are stepping in to meet demand.

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Music as Medicine

Universal Music Group has announced its own music-centric wellness app called Sollos.

The app will use music to improve cognitive function, relaxation, and sleep—moving UMG further into the $7 trillion wellness market.  

As AI advances, so too will music’s therapeutic use—turning pleasurable entertainment into a practical health tool.

Edge: Health Hedonism