Non-Alc White Claw

White Claw is releasing a new line of “adult drinks” that trade alcohol for electrolytes.

In White Claw’s study, 63% of consumers said that the fear of being judged made it harder to avoid alcohol during drinking occasions.

With sober curiosity on the rise, new alternatives are challenging the idea that all social occasions call for alcohol.

Edge: Zero Out

AI Art Copyright

In a legal first for China, artwork created with AI was granted copyright protection.

The court ruled that work should be legally protected as long as there is a clear demonstration of “human originality and intellectual input.”

As courts recognize the role of human creativity in AI creations, we could see greater innovation as well as greater copyright infringement risks. 

Edge: Artificial Creativity

Wheelchair Crossing Signs

Five traffic signals in London will now feature an outline of a person in a wheelchair.

The new signs were installed for free, and aim to start conversations about how to build more inclusive cities.

Small but thoughtful changes to everyday infrastructure can go a long way toward helping overlooked groups feel seen.

Edge: Inclusive By Design