WhatsApp Grocery Groups

AI Training Halt

An open letter is calling on all AI labs to halt the training of AI systems more powerful than Chat GPT-4.

Over 4,400 people—including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak—have signed it so far.

With generative AI progressing faster than safety protocols can be put in place, calls for pause are growing.

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WhatsApp Grocery Groups

In response to inflation, Nigerians are using WhatsApp groups to buy food directly from producers.

Members of these bulk-shopping groups save up to 22% on groceries compared to market prices.

In times of economic hardship, communities are sharing more in order to save more.

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Animal Crossing Activism

Protests against France’s new retirement age have hit the streets of Animal Crossing.

Players have designed virtual union merch, shared pro-labor messages, and convened on Discord to further the movement.

Gaming platforms are spurring real-life activism, allowing players to spread their message beyond borders.

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