Water Cremation

Water Cremation

The UK is introducing a greener alternative to gas-fired cremation: water cremation

The process involves dissolving a body in 160°C water, and is expected to slash carbon emissions by 50%.

The desire to be sustainable is extending beyond our lives, giving centuries-old death traditions an eco-friendly makeover.

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Purpose Toys has unveiled the first-ever line of all-Latina fashion dolls.

The line celebrates diversity within the Latinx community, including a variety of skin tones, eye colors, and hair textures.

As we move beyond cultural ambiguity, new toys will be built with inclusivity at their core.

Edge: Inclusive by Design


Google Maps and cosmetics company O Boticário have teamed up to add 3,500 new recycling points across Brazil.

Inquiries about how to properly dispose of recyclable materials is the second-most searched sustainability topic in Brazil.

By tackling the simplest barriers to sustainability first, businesses can help communities go circular faster.

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