Voice-Cloning AI

Voice-Cloning AI

Microsoft researchers are working on an AI model that can mimic your voice with just a three-second sample.

The tool, called VALL-E, can even match the speaker’s emotion, intonation, and acoustic environment.

In addition to new possibilities for content creation, text-to-speech AI will bring new fears of identity theft.

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PlasticFree, an online database of plastic alternatives, is making it easier for designers to ditch the material.

The site provides in-depth reports on how to source and use over 100 different sustainable materials.

With plastic on its way out, eco-friendly alternatives will give the green economy a boost.

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Braille Medicine Labels

Malaysia joined a short list of Asian countries that offer medicine labels in Braille.

The system will be launched by 250 public health clinics, benefiting over 55,000 patients.

With more inclusive labeling will come more empowered patients, and less need for assistance.

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