IKEA’s latest home collection, VÄXELBRUK, is made entirely from recycled employee uniforms.

Over 300 tons of uniforms were broken down and turned into curtains, cushion covers, throws, bags, and more.

Before sourcing new materials, companies should first look to give their own waste a second life.

Edge: Circular Aftermarkets

Nighttime Nudges

Instagram will now “nudge” teens to log off after they spend 10 minutes in Reels or DMs late at night.

While the pop-up can be closed, the feature cannot be turned off–marking a more aggressive approach to teen safety.

As tech giants face regulatory pressure, addictive features are being replaced with more mindful points of friction.

Edge: Platform Politics

Chat Baskets

Dutch soup brand Oma’s Soep is putting green baskets in Albert Heijn stores to facilitate conversations among strangers.

The green baskets feature the text “I’m open to a good chat,” signaling a shopper’s willingness to socialize.

With casual interactions becoming increasingly rare, brands are stepping in to foster a culture of connection.

Edge: Connection Quest