Ultrasound Bra

Researchers have developed a new way to screen women for breast cancer—a wearable ultrasound bra

The bra will allow for more frequent and comfortable cancer screenings—potentially saving 12 million lives a year.

Ultrasound technology is entering the world of wearables, making proactive health check-ups as simple as getting dressed.

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Indigenous Fashion

As part of an artist residency program, Ralph Lauren is introducing a new collection that celebrates Indigenous culture.

The designer, Naiomi Glasses, is “reclaiming Americana” by paying homage to traditional craft, techniques, and aesthetics.

Heritage brands are finally involving the communities they’ve long taken inspiration from, marking a more authentic era of collaboration.

Edge: Roots Revival


Parenting app Oath has launched a new generative AI tool that provides on-demand advice and resources for new parents.

ParentGPT connects parents with peers as well as certified health experts—ranging from therapists to lactation consultants.

At just $5 per month, AI-powered chatbots are breaking down barriers to specialized health support.

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