Twitter Exit

Balenciaga’s Twitter Exit

Balenciaga has become the first major fashion label to exit Twitter amid content moderation concerns.

Meanwhile, other brands have paused their ad spend to avoid being linked to hate speech and misinformation.

In a heated social media landscape, brands are sacrificing their online presence to protect company values.

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OOO Pay Protest

Women in the Netherlands are turning on their “out of office” notifications until the end of the year to protest the gender pay gap.

The timing reflects the fact that women in the country are being paid 13% less than men—equivalent to working seven weeks for free.

By putting statistics into practice, protestors are forcing people to get real about the impacts of pay inequality.

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Zoom Rooms

AMC is teaming up with Zoom to turn its movie theaters into massive videoconferencing spaces.

The rooms can fit up to 150 people, and offer food and drinks along with a personal meeting concierge.

Unlikely partnerships are turning unused spaces into new revenue sources.

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