The Boring Phone

Heineken and Bodega have launched “The Boring Phone,” a back-to-basics flip phone with no apps or internet access. 

According to Heineken, 90% of Zillennials the U.S. and U.K. admit to habitually scrolling on nights out.

Old-school tech is becoming new again as young people reprioritize face-to-face connection.

Edge: Zero Out

Untrodden Beaches

The Greek government is vowing to fully protect 198 of its beaches from overtourism.

Restaurants, bars, and large public gatherings will be banned, and the presence of sun loungers and umbrellas will be prohibited. 

Today’s tourist hot spots are getting a mindful reset as governments put locals and the planet first.

Edge:  Untourism

Flex Futures

Singapore is requiring all companies to create an official process for employees to request flexible work accommodations.

Ireland and the U.K. have similar policies in place, with other nations expected to follow suit.

Flexible work arrangements could prevent caregivers and seniors from dropping out of the workforce early, leading to a more diverse workforce.

Edge: Work-Life Boundaries