Teen Privacy

Teen Privacy

Facebook is enabling stricter privacy settings by default for users under the age of 16. 

Posts, friend lists, pages they follow, and more will only be visible to friends.

Platforms are creating a safer environment for minors by scaling back their digital footprint.

Edge: Stealth Mode

3D-Printed Neighborhood

An entire neighborhood in Texas will be 3D-printed—making it the largest 3D printed community in the world.

The homes will be made out of a proprietary concrete, which is more durable, sustainable, and efficient than traditional materials.  

In a global housing shortage, robotic construction can deliver affordable, high-quality homes fast.

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Sign Language View

Microsoft Teams is adding a dedicated sign language view, allowing signers to be visible throughout the meeting.

Users can enable the feature on a meeting-by-meeting basis, which is especially useful for non-hearing impaired signers.

With remote work here to stay, meeting software is becoming more accessible for all.

Edge: Inclusive by Design