Taobao Offer

Taobao Offer

Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao is supporting new graduates with an in-app job searching feature.

By searching “offer” or “graduation job search,” users can browse over 60,000 job listings and apply with one click. 

With China’s youth unemployment at a record high, brands can use their existing infrastructure to fill urgent economic needs.

Edge: Stability Pursuit

Fandangoe Discoteca

A traveling disco cube called Fandangoe Discoteca is inviting people to dance their worries away.

The cube will travel from London to Berlin, and aims to give people a safe space to dance out their grief.

As culture embraces open self-expression, processing your emotions no longer has to happen alone and in private. 

Edge: Mind Maintenance

Climate Perks

Over 200 companies in the UK have partnered with Climate Perks to incentivize employees to travel greener during vacation.

Employees who choose to travel by train instead of by plane, for example, can earn an extra paid vacation day.

For climate-conscious employers, sustainable benefits offer a way to put action behind company values.

Edge: Travel Right