Space Babies

Space Babies

SpaceBorn United wants to make it possible for humans to reproduce in space through IVF.

The company is testing how gravity affects embryos, and says their research could also improve IVF on Earth.

As the space race continues, reproductive challenges are raising new ethical debates about the need for limits.

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Kindle’s AI Crackdown

Amazon will now require Kindle Direct Publishing users to inform them of AI-generated content.

The new rules will help ensure that self-published books do not contain information based on copyrighted works.

With AI-generated e-books on the rise, platforms are taking steps to maintain integrity in publishing.

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Braille Graffiti

The world’s first braille graffiti has been introduced to the streets of São Paulo.

The murals include braille descriptions of the shapes, colors, and dimensions of the images.

Art is getting democratized, allowing people with visual impairments to experience creative works in their own unique way.

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