Smoke-Free UK

The UK Prime Minister has proposed a plan to ban younger generations from ever buying cigarettes.

The plan would raise the legal smoking age by one year every year—completely phasing out smoking as soon as 2040.

With smoking costing countries billions each year, governments are paving the path to a tobacco-free future.

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Zero Carbon McDonald’s

McDonald’s opened its first-ever LEED Zero Carbon certified restaurant in Hong Kong.

The solar-powered store has been designed with local, recycled materials, and even includes indoor bikes that can charge your phone.

Stores and restaurants are becoming a physical representation of a company’s sustainability commitments. 

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Workplace Readiness Week

A new California law will require public high schools to teach students about their rights as employees.

This effort aims to prevent child labor violations by directly educating students about worker safety, unionization, workers’ comp, and more. 

As more companies are called out for child labor exploitation, education will become a key part of worker empowerment.

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