Soft Hiking

Soft Hiking

Soft hiking,” a slower, more relaxed style of outdoor fitness is trending on TikTok.

Rather than focusing on the number of miles walked or calories burned, soft hiking aims to nourish your body and soul.

As we look to relieve the pressure, high-intensity workouts will be replaced with more mindful forms of movement.

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EV-Charging Road

Sweden is set to open the world’s first permanent electrified road by 2025.

The road will enable EVs to recharge on the move, thereby reducing reliance on charging stations.

 In the move toward a fossil fuel-free future, cities are racing to set up green infrastructure.

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House of Healers

Filipino startup Mind You is allowing young people to receive free therapy through their favorite video games.

Through the platform, licensed therapists play the in-game role of “healers.”

Therapy is moving into popular digital spaces, making for a more accessible approach to treatment.

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