Six-Day Workweek

Greece is becoming the first EU country to adopt a 48-hour workweek for private businesses in select industries such as manufacturing.

While many countries are shortening the workweek, Greece is taking the opposite approach due to a shrinking population and skilled worker shortage.

Critics of the law, which kicked off July 1, say it rolls back long-established workers’ rights in the name of flexibility.

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One Less Car

Uber is offering $1,000 in cash and Uber credits to 175 people who agree to ditch their cars for five weeks.

The initiative aims to highlight the high costs of personal car ownership, as well as the external effects on our health and our cities.

Though many aspire to a car-free lifestyle, better public transport options and urban planning adjustments are needed to actually make it feasible.

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Morgan Stanley is collaborating with OpenAI to develop an AI assistant for its wealth advisors.

The assistant, called Debrief, will keep detailed meeting logs and automatically create draft emails and discussion summaries.

While the rollout will boost productivity gains for senior advisors, it could also reduce the need for junior-level employees.

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