Save Now, Buy Later

Save Now, Buy Later

Malaysian banking startup Sugar is replacing “Buy Now, Pay Later” with “Save Now, Buy Later.”

The model rewards people for making small pre-payments until big purchases have been paid in full.

As financial uncertainty looms, predatory tactics will be replaced with ones that incentivize responsible behavior.

Edge: Wealth Hacking

Quiet Mode

Instagram is helping users focus and set boundaries with “Quiet Mode.

When activated, the feature will pause all notifications and reply to DMs with automatic “away” messages.

With social media addiction on high, mindful features will help us keep our tech habits in check.

Edge: Zero Out

Working With Cancer Pledge

More than 30 major employers have signed a Publicis-led Working With Cancer pledge.

By signing, companies commit to “building the most open, supportive and recovery-forward work cultures.”

The stigma around illness in the workplace is being broken, making way for more empathetic policies.

Edge: Stability Pursuit