AI Content Creation

BuzzFeed stock jumped 150% upon announcing that AI will be used to power its daily content creation.

The AI will assist in brainstorming stories, personalizing content, and improving the quiz experience.

AI’s role is expanding from content curation to content creation.

Edge: Liquid Reality

Sweet Dreams Cereal

Post is helping midnight snackers get a good night’s sleep with a new nighttime cereal.

The cereal, called Sweet Dreams, contains ingredients that boost melatonin production.

Goodbye teas and gummies—entire meals are now being reimagined to help us rest.

Edge: Mood Geisting


Amazon is launching RxPass, a $5 monthly subscription that covers 80 generic medications.

Subscribers can receive as many medications as they’d like for the same price—significantly lowering medical expenses.

Tech giants are turning their attention to healthcare, unlocking greater convenience and wider access.

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