Rock On Forever

Kiss is retiring from physical concert appearances after 50 years, but the band will continue to tour as digital avatars.

Doing so allows the band to maintain control of its image and likeness, while still fueling fandom through virtual experiences.

Digital immortality is allowing artists to engage with fans both old and new for decades to come.

Edge: Liquid Reality

Culinary Apprenticeships

Whole Foods is boosting career development opportunities by expanding its culinary apprenticeships.

Workers will be paid to become certified experts in pizza-making, produce, fishmongering and more.

Amid labor shortages, apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular way to drive employee loyalty.

Edge: Stability Pursuit

Make it More

A new ChatGPT trend is pushing images to their absolute limit.

Users begin with a basic image prompt, then request a more extreme version of the photo until it reaches max absurdity.

New features are proving that when it comes to AI’s imagination, the limit does not exist.

Edge: Artificial Creativity