Rewilding Mode

Rewilding Mode

Husqvarna has released an autopilot mode for its lawn mowers that ensures 10% of grass remains untouched.

The new feature allows pollinators and other wildlife to stay in tact — creating a special zone for biodiversity.

Small product enhancements can help nature thrive, giving homeowners a role in rewilding our earth.

Edge: Rewild Resilience

Free Sunscreen

The Dutch government is offering free sunscreen in response to record-high skin cancer cases.

Sunscreen dispensers will be available at festivals, parks, sports venues, and schools — making protection free and convenient.

By investing in preventive measures now, governments can significantly reduce healthcare costs down the line.

Edge: Gap Collapse

Smart Toddler Suit

Researchers in Finland have created a wearable smart suit that tracks a baby’s physical development.

The suit can detect signs of physical abnormalities early, thus allowing for more timely interventions.

As wearable tech goes mainstream, our health data will be tracked starting from birth.

Edge: Optimized Anatomy