Gen Z and Millennials are “rage-applying”—applying to as many jobs as possible when fed up with their current one.

 Social media users are encouraging the trend, sharing how it helped them get significant raises. 

Even as a recession looms, employees are making it clear that their demands come first.

Edge: Stability Pursuit

Single-Use Tableware Ban

Both France and England have banned single-use tableware for customers eating in.

In France alone, about 99,000 tons of waste are generated annually by people dining in.

Environmental concerns are driving a fast-food revolution—trading trash for reusable tableware.

Edge: Conscious Convenience

Financial Cleanse

TikTok users are kicking off the new year with a 30-day financial cleanse.

The cleanse involves cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, creating a savings plan, and setting short-term goals. 

In the current cost-of-living crisis, get-rich-quick schemes are taking a backseat to practical finance tips.

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