Plastic Cleanup Fund

Plastic Cleanup Fund

Germany is planning to make single-use plastic manufacturers pay to clean up litter.

Starting in 2025, companies will contribute to a €450 million fund based on their past plastic production.

In the push to end plastic pollution, governments are holding companies accountable for their actions.

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Stable Diffusion Bias Explorer

A new tool is exposing the bias behind AI image generators.

When users submit a prompt, the tool will show how racial and gender stereotypes are linked to certain keywords.

The project could help researchers reverse-engineer the models’ bias, ultimately creating more inclusive imagery.

Edge: Inclusive by Design

Wasteland to Wetland

Chile’s Mapocho River has been transformed from a contaminated wasteland to a protected urban wetland.

The change is a result of a decade-long effort between the regional government and nearby communities.

Local activists are restoring biodiversity—giving way to healthier, more attractive cities.

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