Phone-Free Island

Phone-Free Island

This summer, tourists can visit the first phone-free island off the coast of Finland.

Although voluntary, the tourism board is urging visitors to completely unplug and “genuinely enjoy the islands.”

As tech fatigue sets in, vacation will increasingly become a way to escape your screens. 

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AI Sports Commentator

The Wimbledon tennis tournament will be the first sporting event to trial AI-generated commentary.

Powered by IBM’s Watsonx technology, the AI will generate voice-over and text captions for highlight reels.

With AI commentary, a more data-driven but potentially less human approach is underway.

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In-Flight Wellness

Australian airline Qantas has unveiled the world’s first in-flight Wellness Zone—coming late 2025.

A hydration station, guided on-screen exercise program, stretch handles, and more will be included for free.

Health amenities are coming to the skies, helping travelers start their trip off right.

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