Ozempic Eats

Meal delivery service Daily Harvest is launching a new collection for customers taking GLP-1 medications like Ozempic or Wegovy.

Similar to most Daily Harvest offerings, the collection is low in calories and high in fiber—ideal for people with lower appetites.

While pharma once adapted to food trends, the power balance is now shifting as new medications change how we eat.

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La Poste
Changing Rooms

France is piloting a time-saving solution for online shoppers by adding changing rooms to select post offices.

Customers can collect their parcels and try on items in one trip, allowing for much quicker returns.

With online shopping causing a serious returns problem, pickup points may evolve to start looking more like stores.

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SUV Parking Fees

Paris citizens voted to pass a law that would triple parking fees for SUV drivers in the city. 

SUV sales have risen sevenfold in the past decade in France, representing about 40% of new car sales.

As cities aim to incentivize sustainable mobility, the most polluting means of transport will face the heaviest penalties. 

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