Now and Then

With the help of AI, the Beatles released their final song featuring all of the original members.

An unfinished track written and recorded by John Lennon was extracted from a cassette, allowing the band to pair his vocals with new music.

AI tools are making it possible to finish projects that were previously deemed lost—providing fans with closure.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

UGC Gaming

Fortnite is revamping its creator system with a new formula that allows creators to earn from in-game purchases.

Complementing the shift is an update to the game’s UI that pushes creator-made games to the fore.

Leading games are embracing the creator economy, unlocking new ways for users to participate and profit.

Edge: Neo-Collectivism

Light Phone II

Last week, Kendrick Lamar’s creative agency pgLang released a limited-edition Light Phone II—and it’s already sold out.

The phone intentionally lacks dozens of features like a web-browser, third-party apps, and a color screen in order to reduce distractions.

Fueled by a desire to disconnect, tech that does less is becoming increasingly attractive to younger generations.

Edge: Zero Out