Nokia 3210

HMD is bringing back its iconic Nokia 3210 phone with modern upgrades as an ode to simpler times.

Globally, the average daily screen time is six hours and 37 minutes—nearly half of which is attributed to smartphones.

As people embrace ‘JOMO’—the joy of missing out—low-tech devices are finding modern appeal.

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The Frich (‘Effing Rich’) app is giving Gen Z a safe space to anonymously share financial data.

Users can openly seek advice, compare financial habits, and access resources—all without competitive pressure.

With unrealistic portrayals of financial success all over social media, new platforms are allowing users to drop the act and get real.

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Solar Cemeteries

The city of Valencia, Spain, is converting its cemeteries into the nation’s largest urban solar farm through the “Requiem in Power” (RIP) project.

The project is part of the city’s plan to meet 27% of its energy demand from renewable sources by 2030 and use it for public infrastructure. 

Rather than building large-scale solar farms, cities are integrating solar panels into existing public spaces.

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