Next-Gen Wearable

Next-Gen Wearable

Tech startup Humane previewed a screenless wearable device that acts as an AI assistant.

 Instead of pairing with a smartphone, the device projects relevant information right in front of you.

 New tech products are aiming to provide utility without the screen, allowing us to stay present in our surroundings.

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Abortion Pill Approval

Japan is in the final stages of approving the country’s first abortion pill.

The approval marks a major step forward for women’s reproductive rights, but lags decades behind other countries.

Though there’s still a long road ahead, the stigma around contraception is slowly being broken.

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Aboriginal Culinary Journey

Breville collaborated with Aboriginal artists to create a limited-edition line of products featuring their art.

All profits from the line will be donated to support employment and education opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

By imbuing modern products with ancient history, brands can foster greater appreciation for cultural heritage.

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