Netflix of AI

Showrunner is the first streaming platform that exclusively features AI-generated content.

Users who want more episodes of a show will be able to develop original scenes via AI prompts—with potential to earn a share of the revenue.

AI is allowing anyone to become a producer, though the quality of the content has yet to impress.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

Gamified Recruitment

IKEA is launching a virtual store in Roblox in an effort to attract the next generation of employees.

Users can apply to be a paid co-worker at the store and participate in various games inspired by real-life roles.

Boring applications are being replaced with gamified recruitment—allowing people to trial the work experience in a fun, low-risk way.

Edge: Liquid Reality

EV- Charging Trees

A startup called Gravity is creating a network of EV charging stations that resemble trees.

The “trees” would be able to charge cars in just five minutes, while also looking sleeker and taking up less space than conventional chargers.

Curbside charging could help boost urban EV adoption, allowing for more seamless integration into crowded cities.

Edge: Rerouted