Netflix House

Netflix is getting into retail with a new brick and mortar concept launching in 2025.

Netflix House locations will combine shopping, dining, and live entertainment related to the latest Netflix hits.

Brands can feed into consumers’ escapist desires by bringing fictional worlds beyond the screen.

Edge: Odd-ysseys

Silver Pride

This past weekend, Atlanta hosted America’s first Silver Pride parade geared toward seniors.

To make older attendees more comfortable, the event offered seating and air-conditioning away from the hustle and bustle.

With most Pride events designed for younger crowds, an age-inclusive revamp can help facilitate intergenerational bonding.

Edge: Inclusive by Design

Roblox EDU

Roblox is investing another $15 million to promote educational games that students can play at home and in school.   

The fund will support creators that teach everything from math to mental health strategies — establishing Roblox as a place for learning.

Virtual environments are opening up learning opportunities that aren’t possible in the physical world.

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