Neopets Revival

Neopets Revival

Neopets, one of the longest-running virtual pet websites, is relaunching with a new homepage and improved games.

Rather than bringing in Web3 technologies, the rebrand will stay loyal to the site’s origins.

 In a sea of toxic social platforms, old-school websites are providing a familiar sense of comfort and community.

Edge: Kinder Cult

AIGO Bookstore

A new bookstore in São Paulo will exclusively curate books by or about immigrants.

Shelves will be sorted by stories about generational shifts, immigrant cuisine, literature from homeland countries, and more.

Breaking down anti-immigrant prejudices starts with putting multicultural stories at the center.

Edge: Inclusive by Design

Superhero Chatbot

A “superhero chatbot” called Zip is teaching socio-emotional skills to children.

Early testing shows that just one week of using Zip helps kids apply positive self-talk in their daily lives.

As mental health concerns grow, more tools will aim to foster positive habits from a young age.

Edge: Mind Maintenance