Nature Tunes

Nature has become an official artist on Spotify as part of a UN effort to raise money for conservation.

Artists who use natural sounds can credit nature as a featured artist in order to share their profits with environmental causes.

Conservation efforts that meet people where they can make climate action feel less daunting—offering small ways to make a real difference.

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Greece is turning an unused airport into a 6,200-acre smart city—making it the largest in Europe.

Once complete by 2037, the city is expected to generate 80,000 new jobs and to attract one million tourists a year.

Countries are competing to create the most sustainable, cutting-edge city of the future—reshaping our world one grand experiment at a time.

Edge: Future Utopias

Living Stories

A new app from Penguin Random House Canada turns bedtime stories into immersive experiences.

The app syncs with smart home devices like lights and speakers to create a multisensory experience tailored to each story.

With fewer kids today reading for fun, interactive features can bring a sense of magic to the ordinary bedtime story routine.

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