A new music platform called myvox lets artists license and monetize their own AI voice models.

Artists maintain control over the whole process by defining their own royalty splits.

AI platforms are breaking down barriers to music production, allowing for a more accessible and collaborative approach.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

Guilty Flavours

A master’s student at Central Saint Martins created the first food made from plastic waste.

Plastic was broken down into vanillin, the flavor molecule in vanilla, which was then used to make ice cream.

Circular innovations are challenging old notions of natural versus synthetic, opening the door for more sustainable food options.

Edge: Circular Aftermarkets

Brown Lawn Pride

Several cities in Metro Vancouver are offering $100 gift cards to the residents with the brownest lawns.

The contest aims to conserve water this summer—a time when water consumption typically increases by 50%. 

As droughts threaten water supply, cities can change homeowner habits by celebrating imperfect lawns. 

Edge: Crisis Hacking