Mocktail Sports Sponsor

Mocktail Sports Sponsor

Recess Zero Proof has become the official mocktail of the USC Trojans football team—marking a first for college sports.

The brand’s alcohol-free beverages will be served at every USC Trojans home game, right alongside beer and soft drinks.

With alcohol consumption declining, healthier, nonalcoholic alternatives will become an event staple.

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AI Sportscasters

Philippines-based GMA Network has introduced the country’s first AI-powered sportscasters in order to “promote inclusivity in reporting.”

The announcement was not well-received, with many angry citizens expressing concerns over job displacement.

Though AI reporters can boost efficiencies, they may also lack the emotional appeal of human broadcasters.

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Plus-Size EDU

The Fashion Institute of Technology is launching a plus-size design course led by Mallorie Dunn.

An estimated 68% of American women wear a size 14 or above, yet only .06% of the looks shown during spring/summer Fashion Week were size 14 and above.

With progress around body inclusivity plateauing, education will be essential to closing gaps in the apparel industry.

Edge: Inclusive by Design