Midjourney Magazine

Midjourney Magazine

Midjourney is launching a $4 monthly subscription for a print magazine featuring AI art.

Each edition will also include interviews with community members—sharing how Midjourney is used around the world.

AI is continuing to disrupt the traditional media business, combining new tech with old formats.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

40-Hour Work Week

Chile’s Senate has unanimously approved a bill to reduce the work week from 45 hours to 40 hours by 2028.

Latin Americans have among the longest working hours in the world, despite receiving lower pay.

As countries re-examine their labor practices, we’ll move closer to a more sustainable work model.

Edge: Work-Life Boundaries

Temple Craze

Young people in China are flocking to Buddhist temples—with visits up 310% since the beginning of 2023.

Aside from burning incense and praying, they’re buying blessed objects from the temple shops.

Long-standing symbols of good fortune are providing comfort for younger generations—fueling the “spiritual economy.”

Edge: Mind Maintenance