Microbial Textiles

AI-Crafted Beer

Beck’s Autonomous is the world’s first beer to be fully designed by AI from start to finish.

Everything from the recipe, to the name, logo, and marketing campaign were crafted by generative AI.

Food and beverage brands are using AI to speed up product development, giving rise to a novel new product category.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

Microbial Textiles

Biomaterials startup Modern Synthesis has developed a way to create textiles from plant waste and microbes.

The resulting material could eventually replace synthetic fabrics, which require 350 million barrels of crude oil a year.

An emerging bioeconomy is turning natural waste into clothing, unlocking a more circular future of fashion.

Edge: Circular Aftermarkets

Inflation Cookbook

Food delivery company SkipTheDishes has launched an AI-driven cookbook designed to beat inflation.

The cookbook tracks price reductions in real-time, then uses AI to develop recipes that incorporate discounted ingredients.

As prices rise, brands can provide value with smart, cost-effective solutions.

Edge: Crisis Hacking