Lab-Made Testicles

Researchers have engineered lab-grown testicle organoids using cells from neonatal mice.

This breakthrough could revolutionize reproductive medicine, leading to new solutions for cancer patients and men struggling with infertility.

From fertility preservation to personalized treatments, artificial organs are giving rise to very real health solutions.

Edge: Lab-Made World

Tourist Tax Fund

Barcelona is using revenue from its tourist tax to support clean energy installations in schools.

With the tourist tax fund, Barcelona expects to install solar air conditioning systems on a total of 170 schools by 2029.

As cities struggle with overtourism, governments are finding a positive balance between welcoming visitors and benefiting residents.

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PMS Wearable

Samphire Neuroscience has raised €2.1 million to launch a wearable that targets PMS and menstrual pain.

It is the first at-home brain stimulation device that’s designed to manage both chronic pain and mood symptoms.

With women’s health notoriously under-researched, new therapies are marking the start of more holistic and inclusive treatments.

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