Microsoft and Khan Academy are releasing a free AI assistant called Khanmigo for K-12 teachers in the U.S.

Khanmigo helps with lesson planning, quiz creation, and assignment instructions, which can help reduce the amount of prep work required.

With long hours linked to burnout and high turnover, AI administrative assistants could help teachers be more present during class.

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Forest Cemetery

A former golf course in Quebec has been converted into a forest cemetery that lacks gravestones and plaques.

Visitors use an app to locate the memorial site of their loved one, then scan the surrounding area to unlock digital memorabilia.

Cemeteries are modernizing to make better use of the land, combining environmental stewardship with tech-enhanced personalization.

Edge: Death Undone

Quiet Dining

Restaurants in South Australia are partnering with Autism SA to offer quiet dinners for the autistic community.

Separate dining rooms feature dim lighting and sensory toys, while customizable menus allow guests to create their perfect meal.

As stimulating experiences become the norm, sensory-friendly offerings will become increasingly essential for neurodiverse guests.

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