InvisDefense Coat

InvisDefense Coat

Chinese graduate students have invented an invisibility cloak that can evade security cameras.

The “InvisDefense coat” has a specially designed camouflage pattern that interferes with AI surveillance systems.

As surveillance ramps up, citizens are getting creative in their efforts to outsmart AI.

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Short-Haul Flight Ban

France has officially been given the green light to ban short-haul domestic flights. 

The ban will apply to flights between locations that can be reached by train in less than 2.5 hours.

With governments cracking down on emissions, train travel will get a serious boost. 

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Inclusive Pleasure 

Two Perth startups are redefining pleasure to be inclusive for all. 

Luddi created a sex toy for people with disabilities, while Kinsae is making contraceptives for queer women.

Though sex tech is slowly becoming more diverse, the space still lacks acceptance and funding.

Edge: Inclusive by Design