Influencer Crackdown

Influencer Crackdown

A new bill in France will ban influencers from promoting cosmetic surgery and require edited photos to be labeled.

The government hopes greater transparency will help tackle unrealistic beauty standards.

Social media content is being held to the same standards as traditional media, marking the end of the Wild West.

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Aviation Restrictions

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is planning to ban private jets and stop all night flights by 2025.

The ban, which aims to reduce noise and curb emissions, will result in 10,000 fewer flights annually.

Businesses are taking responsibility for their impact, ushering in a more sustainable approach to growth.

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Dal y Mellt

Netflix is streaming its first Welsh language drama called Dal y Mellt.

Netflix hopes the production will play a role in “promoting and preserving the Welsh language.”

As appreciation for non-English media grows, entertainment platforms will play a bigger role in revamping local culture.

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