Inclusive Driving

Inclusive Driving

Brazilian car rental company Localiza is paying for 30 people with Down syndrome to take driving lessons. 

Despite it being completely legal, only two people with Down syndrome in Brazil have their driver’s license.

By addressing societal gaps, brands can empower disabled individuals to accomplish the goals they thought were impossible.

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Heat-Reducing Paint

Scientists at Purdue University have created an ultrawhite paint that cools surfaces by up to 19°F. 

While originally intended for buildings, the paint can also be applied to cars, clothes, spacecraft and more.

As Earth heats up, short-term solutions will be essential to mitigate the immediate effects of climate change.

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Starting in 2024, SUV drivers in Paris will be charged more for parking.

The number of SUVs in Paris has increased by 60% in the last four years, resulting in higher emissions.

As cities go green, progressive pricing models will dissuade ownership of large, polluting vehicles.

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