In-Game Police

Wonder Women Tech has created the first police station in a video game—allowing players to file official reports to actual police.

According to a UK study, 49% of female gamers have been harassed while playing.

By applying real-world consequences to digital actions, businesses can level the playing field both online and offline.

Edge: Inclusive By Design

Inclusive Kits

The Australian Olympic team uniforms will feature Indigenous artwork and Japonism yagasuri patterns courtesy of ASICS.

Arrow patterns symbolize forward momentum, while Torres Strat Islander prints represent the country’s rich heritage.

The unifying theme of the Olympics is putting cultural identity center stage, presenting an opportunity to celebrate each nation’s diversity.

Edge: Roots Revival

No Paparazzi

Certain sections of Japan’s geisha district in Kyoto will be closed off to tourists starting in April of this year.

By banning sightseers, Japan hopes to eliminate “paparazzi tourists” who harass and disrespect the geishas.

Tourists are facing heightened restrictions as governments look to protect their traditions and put citizens first.

Edge: Untourism