Human Hair Sweaters

Human Hair Sweaters

Netherlands-based Human Material Loop is turning hair waste into wearable sweaters.

Up to 158 million pounds of human hair waste ends up in landfills in Europe alone.

With the fashion industry falling under scrutiny, hair is being explored as the next big renewable resource.

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Fresh Connect

Doctors in Boston are prescribing fruits and veggies to low-income patients though a special debit card.

The card automatically detects healthy food purchases at the grocery store, then covers the cost in full.

The “food as medicine” movement is expanding—helping those in need get healthy the natural way.

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Buzz Lines

The EU is planning to create safe pathways, called “Buzz Lines,” for bees to find food and shelter.

The plan aims to reverse population decline of bees and other vital insects by 2030.

With pollinator loss threatening food security, governments are getting serious about restoring nature.

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