Home Coffee Shop

E-Scooters Begone

Paris has become the first European capital to ban rental electric scooters.

Ninety percent of people voted to ban the scooters in April, citing safety concerns and cluttered sidewalks.

With e-scooters falling out of favor, bikes and public transport remain the top choices for sustainable mobility.

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Home Coffee Shop

Creators on TikTok are transforming their homes into temporary community coffee shops.

#Homecoffeeshop has over 825k views, with users inviting friends and followers over to enjoy a drink and chat.

As third spaces become harder to come by, young people are using social media to create community IRL.

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Braille Bricks

Lego has started selling bricks marked with braille to help low-vision children learn to read.

The packs will also include ideas for a range of educational games—making learning more interactive and fun.

 By adding inclusive features to mainstream toys, companies can ensure that kids with and without disabilities can play together.

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