Hologram Zoo

Hologram Zoo

The world’s first hologram zoo has opened in Australia, featuring over 50 virtual animals.

The 1,000-square-meter exhibit blends AR visual with 4D effects for a fully immersive experience.

Hailed as a more ethical alternative, the zoo offers a dose of novelty without harming any wildlife.

Edge: Liquid Reality

The Original Map

The first map of Indigenous lands is coming to Fortnite for Indigenous Peoples Day.

The game brings environmental realities to life, challenging players to put out fires, clean rivers, and replant native trees.

Gaming can foster empathy through education, allowing players to experience a completely different perspective.

Edge: Play it Forward

Au revoir, French

As part of Mali’s new constitution, French will no longer be recognized as the country’s official language.

 Instead, 13 other national languages will be recognized—signaling a new era of independence.

As countries move away from their colonial past, we’ll see a renewed appreciation for local tongues.

Edge: Roots Revival