Neopets Revival

Hologram Receptionist

Thirty Aiden by Best Western hotels in Scandinavia will be manned by holograms instead of humans.

 Guests will be greeted by a life-size hologram video and presented with options via a touchscreen.

 As hotels look to boost efficiencies, administrative tasks will increasingly be taken over by tech.

Edge: Liquid Reality

Vinyl’s Comeback

Vinyl albums outsold CDs last year for the first time since 1987.

 Revenue from vinyl records rose 17% to over $1.2 billion last year, nearly double what it was two years ago.

 Vinyl’s resurgence has been years in the making, signaling lasting demand for nostalgia-fueled entertainment. 

Edge: Kinder Cult

100% AI Ad

Visit Denmark has debuted one of the first campaigns to combine deepfakes with an AI-generated script.

The ad brings the Mona Lisa to life, telling tourists to visit Denmark instead of waiting in line to see famous paintings. 

The witty campaign is proving AI’s creative potential, opening the door for more AI-made ads to come.

Edge: Artificial Creativity