Halal Cultivated Meat

Singapore’s Islamic Council has ruled that lab-made meat can be considered halal as long as certain conditions are met.

The meat cells must be sourced from animals that are permissible, and the cell-culture medium must only contain halal ingredients.

With halal consumers representing 25% of the population, the seal of approval marks a significant step forward for the lab-made meat market. 

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Airport Vineyard

Italy’s Florence Airport is planning to install a 19-acre vineyard directly on its roof.

The design pays homage to the region’s wine-making history, while also adding more appealing green space.

Airports are becoming destinations in and of themselves, trading gray architecture for more sustainable, lifestyle-oriented designs. 

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Hong Kong

The first phase of Hong Kong’s single-use plastic ban is set to take effect on April 22, marking a new era of convenience. 

Restaurants will no longer offer disposable plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery or plates for dine-in and takeaway services. 

Wooden, paper, decomposable, or biodegradable alternatives are set to become the new standard as governments crack down on waste.

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