Genderless Draft

Denmark is planning to conscript women for military service for the first time ever.

The government wants to reach “full equality between sexes” by calling up 5,000 male and female conscripts a year from 2026.

Growing defense needs are creating a more gender inclusive recruitment model—bringing women into previously male-dominated positions.

Edge: Gender Rules

Food Blocker

A new Chrome extension allows Muslims to block food-related content during Ramadan.

The extension was created by UltraSuperNew Singapore in a show of solidarity for the Muslim community.

Inclusive hacks can help tailor modern media to traditional religious rituals.

Edge: Inclusive by Design


Tennessee has become the first U.S. state to protect musicians against the potential dangers of AI.

The newly passed law ensures that AI tools cannot replicate an artist’s voice without their consent.

By protecting vocal likeness, lawmakers are prizing human talents over artificial intelligence.

Edge: Artificial Creativity