Friends for Hire

Amid a loneliness epidemic in China, a new side hustle arises: renting out your time for companionship.

Clients range from people working stressful full-time jobs to elderly people who don’t have family nearby.

Brands can help bridge the friendship gap by creating spaces for casual connection—no payment required.

Edge: Connection Quest

Carbon-Negative Cars

Toyota is experimenting with a new car filter that removes carbon dioxide from the air while driving.

Although still a prototype, the concept works with a variety of cars—including combustion engines and hydrogen-based vehicles.

The automotive industry is pushing beyond carbon neutrality and exploring carbon negative vehicles as the next frontier. 

Edge: Rerouted

Abortion Guarantee

France has become the first country in the world to enshrine abortion rights into its constitution.

This guarantees the right to an abortion before the 15th week of pregnancy—without need for political interpretation.

As activists around the world fight for reproductive rights, France’s precedent sparks new hope.

Edge: Body Debates