Face Paint ‘Camouflags’

Face Paint ‘Camouflags’

World Cup attendees are using face paint designs from Midjourney to fool facial recognition cameras. 

This year’s tournament will be the most heavily surveilled in history, with over 15,000 facial recognition cameras across eight stadiums.

Citizens are using AI to outsmart AI surveillance systems—signaling an advanced form of privacy activism.

Edge: Stealth Mode

Electrified Pizza Delivery

Domino’s is rolling out 800 Chevy Bolt pizza-delivery EVs across the U.S.

The EV fleet will help Domino’s reduce their environmental impact while lowering maintenance and fuel costs.

Delivery fleets are getting electrified—creating new opportunities for automotive partnerships.

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Sustainable Living Stores

Ikea Australia is launching 10 Sustainable Living Shops across the country by early next year.

The stores will offer affordable, eco-friendly products like home solar systems, heat-trapping blinds, water-saving showerheads, and more.

New retail store-in-store concepts are challenging the assumption that sustainable living is more expensive.

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