Empathic AI

Hume AI has unveiled its Empathic Voice Interface (EVI), the world’s first conversational AI with emotional intelligence.

The AI allows for more natural interactions by adjusting responses based on user emotions, preferences, and speech patterns.

As tech learns to adapt to feelings, the lines between humans and AI will be even further blurred.

Edge: Intimate AI


A new skincare brand called Neuraé is going all in on “neurocosmetics”, a field based on how our emotions affect our skin.

Neuraé uses around 10 ingredients proven to regulate the nervous system connected to the skin, thus reducing inflammation.

As mood-boosting beauty gets a scientific upgrade, future products could give “look good, feel good” a whole new meaning.

Edge: Mood Geisting

Furniture Dupes

A new app called Dupe scrapes the internet for cheaper look-alikes of designer furniture, then curates affordable options for users.

#Dupe has over 6 billion views and counting on TikTok—showing massive demand for stylish replicas that won’t break the bank.

While there are debates over the ethics of buying dupes, price-sensitive consumers are embracing knockoffs with zero shame.

Edge: Money Out Loud